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Chronological Family News - 2014-17
Previous years:

19 Jan 2017: Red heads in the family - all together in 1985 (when Arleen joined St. Benedict's convent in St. Joe):
Click on pic to enlarge: . The redheads are, from left to right: Christopher Hynes, Geb Berry, Trudy McCarty-Jackson (Arleen's sister), Nico Berry, Patrick Hynes, and in front, Brendan Hynes.
18 Jan 2017: A family story, written and illustrated by Sebastien in December 1993, aided and abetted by his brothers (for our 25th Wedding Anniversary): "The Dragon Lady and the Earth Lord".
...and here is an additional joke/riddle book, written by unknown "arthurs" even earlier for Mary, the Medievalist.
17 Jan 2017: After a little hiatus, here is something new....
Our Family Christmas story for 2016: family visits and trips and comments about democracy (pics and names removed).
18 Dec 2015: The Berry, Hynes-Berry
Christmas card for 2015.
17 Dec 2015: An insightful summary from Eric Huppke of the fear engendered by Republican Presidential candidates (today's Chicago Tribune)
25 Nov 2015: A lot of water has flowed under the bridge since the last contribution... But so be it - we might add a brief retroactive report later! But here is something worth posting: Following John (Clark)'s recent bad health and passing a few days ago, Philip wrote a brief story of his life - we added some pictures together, and here you can see the result (10 MB pdf file).
31 Dec 2014: We had a lot of fun at the two parties (12/27 in Chicago and the 12/28 in South Bend)- Mary and I thank all our friends and relatives for bringing or sending lots of items such as poems, pictures, memories etc. We read or performed many of them at the parties - including the play "The wizard of ID" performed by all our grandhldren (except Hoshi who was having a well-deserved nap) and our senior son GEB. A lot of photos of from the two parties have been already posted on varous participant's websites, including my own and Mary's, and I will try to post many of the contributions and photos here early next year.
I have to include a short note of triumph: we almost gave Mary a heart attack on the 26th when through the door came Hoshi, carried on the shoulders of her father and mother - Daniel and Anita - all the way from Japan to join in the celebrations. I must thank all who made it possible to keep the surprise - the picture of joy/amazement in Mary's face as they arrived was a never-to-be-forgotten moment!!
Here it is, click to enlarge: .
18 Dec 2014: The Berry, Hynes-Berry Christmas card for 2014
12 Dec 2014: Invitation to Mary's 70th birthday parties - here
11 Nov 2014: Jeanne Lorraine Cofell-Dwyer's Ph.D. Dissertation "Closest to the Heart – The Life of Emerson Hynes: A Biographical Study of Human Goodness with a Focus on the College Years" (pdf version). The University of St. Thomas, 2014.
8 Sept 2014: Elizabeth McCloskey's Ph.D. Dissertation "Lives as Revelatory Texts: Constructing a Spiritual Biography of Arleen McCarty Hynes, O.S.B." (pdf version). The Catholic University of America, 2014.
21 March 2014: End of Winter celebration! (it snowed today) South Bend and Chicago winter scenes....
19 March 2014: A landlord's lament: "The Two-week Tale of the Toilet" (pdf-file)
18 March 2014: A quick weekend in San Francisco in March: Here are some pics.
14 March 2014: A quick weekend in Louisville in February: Here are some pics.
11 February 2014: Patrick's 70th birthday: check out 70 pics of his life's history. (pptx file)
14 January 2014:
Three new works of art at W.Washington:
1-Bronze nude by Lauren Grey
2-Unknown violinist, by RAUN,
restored by Hilary Hynes,
3-Sleeping Mary with dog Jack, unrestored.
Click pic to enlarge...

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
2 January 2014: Click here for our Card - stories and pictures of 2013.

Check out these series of selected pictures taken during the past year (to be completed).