On to Santa Fe and Las Vegas, New Mexico

A brief travelogue...On the sunday morning 3 cars set off for Bandelier National Monument - 2 cars (#1: Gaga, Gogo, Mireille and Ava; #2 Mia, Sebastien and Tyra), via the back roads of Jemez valley, a 3rd car (Geb, Alison and Savannah) took the main road thru Santa Fe; and coincidentally we arrived there at the same time! The first few pictures show us exploring the caves and the canyon - great fun - even for the adults.
Then, a quick drive over to Las Vegas to join the Tito and Mary Chavez household and other guests at the "after-wedding" party: sorry, no pics, but we can confirm that Daniel and Anita were in their element. Most of the Berrys and Hynes stayed that night in Santa Fe; Mary and I drove to Jamie Morris' wonderful adobe dwelling on the other side, in the hills: Patrick and Mary were staying in the main house (Jamie and his wife were their good friends in Arlington VA), while Mary and I stayed in the "shack-in-back" (actually another luxurious place). The picture looks over the house across the valley towards mountains which contain the village of Los Alamos - I am sure most of you will recognize that Los Alamos is in the upper left half in the distant mountains.
Monday was spent seeing the sights (only 2 art museums!) of Santa Fe, with various family members and then gathering together in the evening at the Denis Hynes extended family hotel rooms
Tuesday, we joined Sebastien and family on a trip to Pecos National Monument (this is about halfway between Santa Fe and Las Vegas). It contains extensive ruins from a large Indian village and old Spanish church. The pictures show us entering the dungeon-like "Kivas" which have been re-roofed as they originally were.
Postscript: Sebastien seems to be in a lot of these pics - but he should not assume from that that he is the most favorite son!

First we show some cave dwellers...

And here are 20 more pictures...Move over the thumbnail (above and below the pic) to view full size picture
Crater valley, on the way 3 cavegirls Mary enjoying sitting down Sarah & girls
Santa Fe party
Santa Fe lion, Seb & Tyra Jamie Morris residence Santa Fe wheel hub wall Spotlight on Ava Seb family in the Kiva Seb & sacred mountain near Pecos
Tyra's favorite transport Rattlesnakes Tyra at Santa Fe party Our vigilant lookout Church group Mia's turn Mother & son in Kiva Tyra getting out Icecream girls Icecream gone-time to go home
Outdoor exercise in Northern New Mexico..