Exploring Albuquerque

Mary and I arrived early on the Thursday, as did Geb and Co, while Nico, Sebastien and their families trickled in around midnight. They were all staying with Albert at LaCasita, a B&B with indoor pool and horse in the garden - Mary and I were a mile down the road at the more elegant "Adobe Garden B&B". Friday evening the groom's dinner was held on the back patio garden of Mary Lou, a very good friend of Anita and her family - many of us then went on to a celebration/let's all get-together of the Hynes/Berry and Chavez families and friends at the Grand Hotel near Albuquerque airport. On Wedding day Saturday, we Berrys dispensed with the traditional soccer/golf-game, replacing it with a trip up the funicular/tramway to the top of the Sandia mountains (Geb & Co. went horseback riding).
With this brief introduction, you should be able to recognize where the pictures below were taken..
First we show the winning photo: Nico in the B&B hotpool with 2 little girls - Simone and Tyra:

And here are 20 pictures... Move over the thumbnail (above and below the pic) to view full size picture
Gaga, Mireille & Savannah Horselovers Sarah & Nico Sarah & girls
Anita outside
Does Daniel like to eat!? NOT Ava's wine! Sarah & Sebastien Alison & Geb Audience for Gordon? Momo & Gogo
Simone & Mary Chavez Mary, Peter & Jan Dino, Roman & his wife Mia, Tyra & Seb on Sandia Mtn. Mary in the snow Snow & albuquerque Sebastien & family On the edge with Tyra Trio ready to go Those 5 girls again...
Fun in friendly Albuquerque..