The Wedding Day - 24 May 2008

The Official Berry/Chavez wedding picture site will be ready by the end of this week - we will add the link here as soon as it is available...

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  ...And here is the Anita Chavez - Daniel Berry wedding tree -
     a curvy-trunk birch willow, planted in the "outback" of our South Bend garden...June 1st, 2008.
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Meanwhile, here are some wonderful pictures of the wedding - at least a hundred! - taken by Vicki Howell. Check them out

The Dragon Lady and the Earth Lord: Sebastien read parts of this story at the wedding - the story itself is one of the gifts left to all of us by Gramarly - Arleen Hynes, Sister of Saint Benedict - Mary's mother, Daniel's grandmother, who died in October 2006. The story written by Sebastien as part of an illustrated ficticious family history has been lost for many years. Fortunately just a month ago, we found it in her papers and thought it appropriate for the wedding -
Here is the full version in pdf format..

Below are just a few more pictures, taken with mine and Mary's cameras...

Move over thumbnail (above and below the pic) to view full size picture
Mr. & Mrs. kiss During the ceremony Waiting for the toasts Midnight Forum group The flowergirls are ready! Mary & GEB With Daniel's brothers and nieces Sebastien's story - "Dragon Lady and the Earth Lord" The Hot Air Balloon Museum
The happy couple Gaga with her oldest grandchild (Mireille-8) Mia poses The Chavez siblings (5 of 8) The Nowakowski siblings (6 of 9) The Nowakowski families The 2 redheads GEB, Alison and Savannah Mary & Christopher
A wonderfully joyful day.....