Ten short days of August, 2008
with Mireille and Savannah in Chicago and South Bend

After seeing off Chris and Olivia on their trip back to Austin, Mireille and Savannah spent 10 days with us before going on to Washington DC with TMore and family for Kylah and John's Vietnamese wedding.

Here are eighteen pictures, (beginning with the Chicago peanut portrait of all of us), followed by a few others of a spectacular South Bend fire which happened one morning, about half-a-mile from our house.

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The parking garage mosaic Rain and sun shield Serpentine bridge, Chris & Olivia, umbrella girls The 31st beach Builders at the Children's Museum Tagging along Yard sale finds Trio at the pond The joke is on us
Cooks prepare homegrown rhubarb Mary, Savannah: bush cyclists on the long journey west Canoeing to the continental divide Climbers at the top Walking home Tarzan's mate
Up in the Cacao tree
Favorite pasttime Mary's web picture
and here is a fire..(next to the South Bend Fire Station!)
Let's go! Gaga!
See the rainbow...
See the bricks...
See the chimney...