A visit to Roland Kulla's studio

On April 13, 2003

Brigid, Mary and Gordon visited Roland's studio on West Jackson Boulevard in Chicago. The studio is situated in the North-east corner of the 12th floor of a building owned by the Art Institute of Chicago - hence there are wonderful views of the Sears' tower and downtown.

Some pictures of our visit plus other pictures and drawings (some more recent) can be seen below (click a pic to enlarge it). Since then, some of these pictures have been bought by us - For example, "Under Michigan" resides on Brigid's red wall; the "New Joliet" is in our Chicago diningroom, while the "church-bank" print is at South Bend, and the "rivets" print is at Harper Avenue.

You can reach Roland's web-site at The Roland Kulla Art Gallery

Three silhouettes
3 plus yellow bridge
The view east to Sears Tower
Northeast towards Hancock tower
New Joliet bridge painting
Roland Trio
The old church bank
Symmetry of rivets
Green Joliet bridge
Uner Michigan
Rusty with life
View thru rust to new life

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