Katherine Ann Wildman, 1967-2003

Katherine was married to Gordon Emerson Berry (Geb) in 1999 and is the mother of two daughters Mireille Severine Wildman Berry, age three, and Lucy Savannah Wildman Berry , age two. She is survived by her parents Jack and Peggy Wildman, her brother John Wildman and his wife Deirdre and their three children, Kelsey, David and Michala.
Katherine was known for her caring nature, hard work and love of cultural discovery. Though always discrete, she had a competitive edge and inner beauty that always made her out in a crowd.
Public Health was her profession and Maternal and Children’s Health was her passion, which began after attending the University of Virginia and serving as a Volunteer in Zimbabwe> for 18 months. She then did field research in Washington , D.C at John Snow Inc and earned her Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina. After completing a dissertation about AIDS in Tanzania, she continued doing field research in maternal health in Paris, France.
A gifted athlete, she was a softball stud, and enjoyed diving and swimming with her husband and two daughters, along the way exploring the world and spending time with a continually expanding circle of extended family and friends. Her research was just published in the Oxford Journal of Medicine.
Her calm voice, radiant smile and glowing eyes are what all will remember best.

For Katherine with love

Katherine-seldom did you bedeck yourself with any jewel.
Your best adornment has always been your most precious self.
You have been our pearl--of great price, most rare.
To be robbed of you rends us,
imposes a loss unspeakably cruel.

In truth, there is no jewel that ever was worthy for you to wear
No gem whose value could begin to compare:

Though-like a diamond that gathers in the rainbow's light-
Your many facets always cut to the heart of the hardest matter
And though-like an emerald, springing green with hope-
Such precious new lives have sprung from you
And guided by your example will continue taking flight.

Though-like a star sapphire-that velvety bluest blue-

You have always radiated with sincerity,
With passion for what is most truly true
And though-like a ruby's most precious red-
The glow of love has burned so bright
In you that we all are warmed.

Though-like that often sought yellow gold-
We have found such comfort and such delight in you.
And though-like your birthstone, turquoise,
deemed in days of old
Of all the elements the one most metaphysical-
We find you have been crafted of a substance
more than mortal,
Most worthy to be held in perpetuity.

And though-like all of these, your body now is cold and of the earth-
You have given forth such precious light and clarity-
You have brought such brilliant varied color to our lives-
Your afterglow illuminates us now into eternity.

With love, Mary Hynes-Berry, November 24, 2003


Katherine Ann Wildman
December 4, 1967 to November 24, 2003

Caring Mother
Loving Wife, K-DUB
Treasured Sister
Devoted Daughter
Favorite Aunt
Loyal Friend
Public Health Professional, PHD
Maternal and Infant Health Specialist
Published Scientist
Dr Wildthing
Fearless World Traveler
Gracious Hostess
Softball Queen
Playful Heart
Cosmopolitan Kath
Fashion Maven
Sous Chef Extrordinaire
Recognized Polyglot at last

Memories of Katherine, Salle Capitulaire, Maternité Cochin
Dec 1, 2003, 12:45 PM

Master of Ceremonies: Lucy Carlson

Remarks by Family:
   Geb Berry
   Jack and Peggy Wildman
   John and Deirdre Wildman
   GGordon Berry and Mary Hynes-Berry
   GBrigid Hynes-Cherin
   GDaniel Berry

Remarks by Friends:
    All invited to share their memories in English ou en francais

Reading of Letter from colleagues at JSI

With Mireille, 2000 With Savannah 2002

Une grande tristesse....

Pourquoi es-tue partie
Nous laissant là, abasourdis ...
Une blessure dans le cœur ...
Une grande trisse dans nos pleurs…

C’est une intolérable vérité,
Qui, ce matin, nous a heurtés,
On ne peut pas imaginer,
Ne plus jamais te retrouver…

La vie n’a pas le droit de nous infliger
Cette blessure, insoutenable cruauté,
Une amère révolte nous inonde,
De toute l’injustice de ce monde…

Nous n’avons pas eu le temps,
De te dire combien nous étions éclairés
Par ta gentillesse, ta discrétion, ta générosité,
Sans un bruit … doucement …

Par tous, ici, tu avais été adoptée
Unanimement conquis par ta simplicité
Tu nous as donné la certitude que dans l’univers
Il y a encore des gens bons et sincères …<

Il émanait de toi une douce chaleur,
Comme une main sur l’épaule, bienveillante,
Une sensation de calme, de paix rassurante,
Rien d’affecté, une vraie grandeur …

Dans ce monde où se còtoient quelquefois indifférence et méchanceté,
Tu nous redonnais, par ta seule présence, confiance en l’humanité,
Tu dégageais quiétude, douceur, plénitude, sérénité,
Tan départ nous laisse amers, tristes, désenchantés …

Nous nous sentons submergés par cette tristesse,
Bercés ar une vague de détresse,
Enveloppés dans un voile de désolation,
Une grande amertume et tant de questions …

By Danielle, a colleague, November 25, 2003

Readings at Montparnasse Cemetery
December 1, 2003, 2:30 PM

When I Die , by Anonymous, Read by John Wildman
Death Is Nothing at All, by Canon Henry Scott Holland Poem, Read by Peg Loftus
Une grande tristesse, Written and Read by Danielle, a colleague
KW, An Inner Circle Friend , Written and Read by Daniel AKA DINO Berry
For Katherine with Love, Written and Read by Mary Hynes-Berry
Song for Ireland, sung by Ann Croke