Pictures of a trip to Washington DC April 2003

Daniel's carpetless floor & Mary
Daniel's new floor partially done
The finished product
View from Dan's bedroom
Brigid bowling
Mary bowling
Aidan and Mary in tandem
Patrick bowling
Nico bowling
Sarah bowling
Gerard's birthday cake
The happy couple
Group of bowling experts
Steph and watching parents
Bowling psychedelic lights
Daniel at Brigid's apartment
Joan with Sarah and Nico at Brigid's
Brigid at speed..
The jolly ferryman by Bingham
English lady by Gainsborough
Country road by Grant Wood
Girl in blue by Renoir
Sitting lady by Vuillard
Old lady by Vuillard
Revolutionaries by Vuillard
National Gallery culture vultures
Mary and Joan walking/talking
The new kitchen & cooks
Aidan flying in empty basement
Miranda and Gannon
Items at P&M's old house
2 rings
Cumberland railroad shop
Mary driving
Lookout hill in fog

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