Family Trees

I have made up a series 6 "Powerpoint" Picture notebooks of an old Perrizo family album which we received some years ago at a Hynes-family reunion. I have repoduced these notebooks as pdf files so that they can be easily downloaded and studied in more detail. Unfortunately, many of the people in the pictures are unidentified - hence, we appeal to our viewers to study them closely , and let us know if you can make any further identifications.
There will be a reward given to the person who identifies the most people in the 6 photobooks (pages 1-19). We will make the award at the next "Cuzens-Duzens" gathering, expected to be in the Winnebago-Delavan-Blue Earth area in the year 2011.
Here they are:
 • Photobook 1  • Photobook 2  • Photobook 3  • Photobook 4  • Photobook 5  • Photobook 6

Besides the set items below, I am putting together a more complete genealogical site which includes detailed listings of all of our ancestors: Rather than "privatize" the more recent information (dates of the past 75 years), I am including it, but with the proviso that you have to use a password to enter the site:
Genealogical Data now accessible only with a password:
The present password is Jan's wife's first name, with the number of letters included at the end - examples could be "mary4", or "gordon6"
N. B. Please send in revisions (or ask for password) to - thanks

The information on some of the more interesting direct ancestors in the pdf files below will gradually be incorporated into the above genealogical site:

1. Ava's ancestors. When you get to this "single-page pdf file", you need to enlarge it to the maximum level (times 800), in order to see 15 generations of Ava's ancestors (including the Perrizo, Hynes, Berry, Standish... connections).

2. Beatrice Astley's ancestors & descendants, font color=black>an "hour-glass" tree showing the ascent of the Bakewell family to the times of William the Conqueror (1066 AD). When you get to this "single-page pdf file", you need to enlarge it (times 200), to see all these ancestors.

3. Descendants of Michel & Pelagie,, the Perrizos who came to the United States. It was necessary to make this a "multi-page pdf file", and it is 101 pages wide. you need to enlarge it by about 150% - each successive page fits to the right of the previous page.

4. Ancestors of Michel and Pelagie. This is in several parts: first a few true stories, then a general introduction to chapter 4, the French-Canadian family heritage, followed by detailed pdf files of the families of each descent.

(a) Stories of French-Canadian families,

(b) Introduction to chapter 4, (c) The Dalpe dit Pariseau families,

(d) The Brien dit Desrochers families, (e) The Chalifou(x) families,

5. Ancestors of Susanna Humphrey, all the way back to Charlemagne in AD 800. When you get to this "single-page pdf file", you need to enlarge it to the maximum level (times 800), in order to see 50 generations of Susanna (wife of Denis Hynes)'s ancestors.

6. The Raun family of California, a family of engineers and artists? Did one of them paint Mary and Brigid's "famous" and slightly erotic Raun portrait paintings?

7. Family tree maker site

8. Ancestry site

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