The weekend of August 2nd-3rd, 2008
The wedding of Kylah Hynes and John Tran in Minnesota
and the drive to and from Chicago with Chris, Olivia, Mireille and Savannah

We had a wonderful time -
we drove the Gaga-Scion and the Gogo-Scion from Chicago to Winnebago on the Friday, with Chris and Olivia
we grooms-dinnered at the Bowling Hall on the Friday evening,
we weddinged and receptioned till late on the Saturday,
we "helped" clean up, and watched the present-opening on the Sunday,
then at 2 pm we took on extra baggage (Mireille and Savannah) for the scion=drive back to Chicago,
finally on Monday, we Chicago-touristed by visiting the art institute, the big bean and other Grant Park commemoratives.
{Check out Brigid's picture album of the wedding day.}

Here follow two sets of two especially interesting pictures, followed by a group of eighteen pictures
Kylah and John in the cornfield behind the barn at the Hynes mansion
The Tran family with some Hyneses at the bowling hall in Winnebago
Not afraid of Cowboy-John and Pirate-Gordon!
Two rogues without disguise

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The happy bride Rachel - The actress,
actually very pretty
Another Hynes couple
Stephanie & Gerrard
Two London ties
Denis and Gordon
Another Hynes couple
Carmela & Paul
Three Willettes
Linda, Mike & Joey
Althea, Jan & Mary
& backgrounders
Two senior advisors
DePaul & Patrick
Tom Willette Family
& backgrounders
Mississippi trio
Chris, Olivia & Mary
Mary, Jan & Patrick Mireille, swinging
her marshmallow
A Gothic Couple
and Izzy
Mitch Perrizo horse
& Delavan church
Paul Bunyan &gang
Don't eat here!
Two Swinging Hynes
Chris & Mary
Savannah's wet dress The artist in front of his painting at 5411 Harper
A worthy addition to the Berry family...
(oops, i meant to say Hynes)