Chronological Family Events in 2007

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9 December, 2007: The Chicago Lyric Opera is staging "Dr. Atomic" a story of the events surrounding Oppenheimer and nuclear destruction - here are 3 Chicago Tribune stories, plus a letter I wrote to the Tribune writers about the Chianti bottle: (click on the bottle for the bigger picture)
Oppenheimer comes to the opera
Living in a nuclear world
Chicago connections abundant in 'Dr. Atomic' (including the Henry Frisch family)
A letter to Sid Smith

1 December, 2007: Here is an illustrated story about Katherine.
26 September, 2007: my new e-mail address is - thanks, Gordon.
5 September, 2007: Some happy news - the engagement of Anita (Chavez) and Daniel (Berry)
The inimitable Daniel has met his match with a wonderful young lady, Anita from New Mexico, (and other parts around the world).
May they continue travelling happily together for ever!!...
Clouds will not get in their way, as described in the poetical and pictorial contributions below this click.
New note: The wedding is set for Saturday, 24th May 2008, at the Albuquerque Hot-air Balloon Museum - we'll be having a hot time to raise lots of balloons...

              We are sad to announce the untimely passing of Lucy Berry's husband.
              Francisco Leone 28 February 1964 - 9 July 2007 - RIP
Lucy (older daughter of Godfrey Berry) and Pancho had 4 children - Panchito (19), Sergio (17), Dominica (12) and Thomas (8)
              They have lived in Guayaquil, Ecuador for most of their lives.
Here is a picture of Godfrey, Ligia and their 8 grandchildren taken at Thomas' first communion this June:

Back row: Juan, Panchito, Jose, Jorge, Godfrey, Sergio
Front row: Dominica, Ligia, Tommy, Cristina

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July 25th, 2007:

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