Chronological Family Events in 2008

 23 December, 2008
Sister Nancy Hynes 19 Nov 1933-15 Dec 2008 - RIP

The Saint Cloud Times Obituary; A poem by Mary: Thinking of Nancy
Mary's story of our trip to Nancy's funeral
17 Dec, 2008:Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all..
         Here is our Christmas card
and here is a selection of the year's pictures
16 Dec, 2008:A preliminary Christmas card
 28 November, 2008 All the Berrys at Thanksgiving in Chicago.
8 Nov, 2008:Gordon's report about campaigning for the South Bend School Board
7 Nov, 2008:Nico's report about campaigning for Barach in Cincinnati
6 Nov, 2008:Congratulations to Barack Obama on his great victory - even us folks in Indiana saw enough red to turn the state blue.
Unfortunately (or otherwise), I did not win in the school board election - at least we got the incumbents out - more details and a commentary on the campaign can be found at the campaign website.
23 Oct, 2008: DID YOU VOTE YET! Do you remember the 1968 election: our friends said: "I don't know anyone who voted for Richard Nixon - How did he win?"
The election was probably lost because many people did not even vote. So here are this year's definitive messages: The Republicans are trying to sell fear, the Democrats are selling hope. Who should you respond to?
My own election trail in South Bend for the School Board continues its merry way: the democrats like one of my slogans: "O'Bama, O'Biden, O'Berry - the Irish ticket!"...
20 Sept, 2008:News from the younger generation: Charles and Ingrid Willette were born very prematurely on the 15th of September - they are now fighting for their lives but with huge support and prayers from their parents Kent and Trisha, and lots of relatives and friends - you can join in by going to their wonderful website CaringBridge.
As a more pleasant respite, you must check out Sayings of Simone - these two just came our way from the smart 3-year old...
13 Sept, 2008:I really appreciate "the good Sarah" Frisch's worry about our McPainin (the rear-end) duo problem. Here are 2 reasons for her to look on the bright side: McPain will never send her an email message - because he is internet illiterate (besides all his other illiteracies); and she should read this
New York Times editorial putting "the evil Sarah" outside the Pale - have faith that Americans will (to quote our hero) "get it"!
 12 Sept, 2008 Mary and I were in England for a week,
especially for the partnership of John and Phil at Chichester.
Click on pic for our report and more pics..
27 Aug, 2008: I have registered to run for the South Bend Community Schools board (as an at-large candidate) in the November 4th election. Since there are 15 people (including 2 incumbents) vying for the 2 positions, this will be an uphill effort.. Check out:
20 Aug, 2008: Mireille and Savannah joined us in Chicago & South Bend: Here are some pics...
20 Aug, 2008: Some pictures of Kylah and John's Vietnamese wedding in Arlington (taken by a friend) Here
19 Aug, 2008: Supervacuum man saves the universe again! See this vacuum ad from the latest "Physics Today" journal:
 6 August, 2008 Pictures of the trip to Kylah and John's wedding in Minnesota
Click here for more pics..
   14 July, 2008: Philip Berry and John Clark announce that
they will officially tie the knot,
(after 33 years together)
and become "legal" partners on September 5th
- our congratulations to them!!
   13 July, 2008 Sebastien's family visit South Bend and Chicago,
the week of July 4th: Tyra and Ava have fun,
while Sebastien and Gordon work at 917 to put in a new pond,
and (later) Gordon renews the back porch ballustrade...

Click here for more pics..
 4 June, 2008: A new ERA can begin now..
A quote from Roger Simon in Politico:
"Barack Obama would like to remind you of something: He won and she didn't.
It's about him now and not her. He has made history, and she is history"
 24 May, 2008: Anita Chavez & Daniel Berry wedding
at the Hot Air Balloon Museum in Albuquerque...
Click here for the official wedding pics..
 the wedding  
 in Albuquerque

17 May, 2008: Australia, and New Zealand and HAKA Dancing
..... Pictures of Mary and Gordon crossing the dateline and going upside-down...
20 April, 2008: We are sad to announce two recent sudden deaths in the family:
 Craig Barnes
20 Aug 1959 - 3 March 2008
 Son of Judy Ackerman and Bob Barnes
Memorial service - Blue Earth - 22 June
   Tom Humphrey, 13 Nov 1948 - 16 April 2008, Suzanna(Hynes)'s brother
[see NY Times Obituary] Tom was a well-known luthier & guitar maker. (See his website)
27 March, 2008: Is poetry better than sex? Christopher Hynes put us in touch with this Les Barker question...
6 March, 2008: Story of a Successful politician Godfrey Berry (1756-1829)
5 March, 2008: Review of "The Stem Cell Dilemma" - an important report by Mary's cousin Bill Hoffman
3 March, 2008: How WALLS WORK - a historical/scientific approach, and a quiz.(1-page pdf-file)
...and some February family pictures in Louisville, Chicago and Texas....
   Christmas Eve at Brigid's:
a collage by the lady herself..
    Christmas and New Year
Pics from Brooklyn, Yorkshire,
London and Sussex
12 February, 2008: Happy Birthday Charles Darwin and Abraham Lincoln - both born on 12 February 1809!!
....and congratulations to cousin Michael Berry - 80 years old on February 3rd - now living in Wakefield, England -

9 January, 2008: (Mary's birthday) A letter from Congressman Wexler: Identifying the failures of the SURGE in IRAQ.