Chronological Family Events in 2010

21 December, 2010: Our Merry Christmas and Happy New Year CARD!
 Total lunar eclipse, early this morning
Did you see this?
real pic, click to enlarge..

 20 December, 2010
That's enough of those politicians!!
No more "T" parties, no more "nolabelers" no more rich pseudo-democrats

- we need ou"R" party -- "R" for suppoRting woRkers, R aising taxes on the Rich, Rescuing the poor, univeRsal health caRe, and moRe
9 November, 2010: Quite a bit of a gap since the last message, but I guess we have been using other methods of communication - e.g .Facebook, email and even telephone, tel-a-wife, etc...
Mary and I did go West at the Notre Dame semester break, as many of you know - Gordon to San Francisco, then driving back in the silver-Scion, got a perfect pickup in Salt Lake City, so that Mary and I could drive back thru Wyoming (nice color and hills), Nebraska (a trickle in the Platt river), Iowa (a hilly green), and Illinois (a lot busier). After a disappointing election day, one has to hope that the Republicans mess up their chances for 2012 (they seem to be already trying). Today's article by the venerable Noam Chomsky helps to put things into perspective - every reason to blame everybody for just helping the rich get super rich and the poor get super poor [Chomsky doc(click here)]. Shouting for change, and nobody knows how to make things change... reminds me of France before Bastille day, and even Russia before November 1917 - the USA is getting hopes sanity will return before that!

29 August, 2010: End of the summer - most of us educators are back at work, long before the traditional "Labor-Day-end-of summer"..Mary's recent electronic missive (click here) gave the story in brief of our travels - - in July to San Francisco (by air) and in August, by car to Washington D.C. Although my digital camera was lost in the Hilton of Fort Wayne (AKA Fort Fun), with the loss of many pics, we did save the ones from San Francisco, and those of the last 3 days of the DC trip. So here you can see some of the fun...

9 May, 2010: Mary & I just back from San Francisco - Nico and family now own the house at the corner of Newton and Morse - they will move in in late May, after new roof and kitchen are ready - it will be a wonderful home - I updated their address and a few other phones and addresses on the family list and spreadsheet - let me know about others...
Nico sent on the celebratory "bombastic quote of the day" from Simone:(after drinking a large glass of water at dinner) Ahh, I'm so hydrated today. Nico: Yeah, I guess you are. Simone: I had SO much of that orange juice this morning too and you only got a little bit. So I'm probably way more hydrated than you, right daddy? --- She could teach BP a thing or two about hydrates in the Gulf of Mexico... Happy mother's day Sarah, and the other mothers of the family(ies).
 1 April, 2010
Nico, Sarah, Simone and Xxx's new house in San Francisco
(They will own it! - No joke!)
They move in on May 1st
14 February, 2010: I just updated the table in "Family Data" (suggested by my Valentine): I included (at the top of the page) access to the names, etc in a downloadable excel spreadsheet (actually it includes names, etc of some more distant relatives also); Please check your own listing of name/address/phones/emails - let me know if it should be further updated..thank you.
2 February, 2010: Another artist in the family!! Have you checked out Jennie Frisch's newly released album? You can find it at the Chickpeas website (designed by brother-in-law Nico Berry) - download any songs for $0.99 each...
30 January, 2010: Do you think Barack Obama's policies are NOT working? More comments in our Modern Truths section. The latest Gross Domestic Product (GDP) figures how the direction of the BUSH GDP was down, down, further into the red, while the Obama GDP is up, up, further into the blue Now THAT is a dramatic turnaround, whatever color your vote might be! Let the party of NO, just Know the truth.
24 January, 2010: A wonderful reaction from pragmatist Obama to the Massachusetts senatorial election: "Fight! fight! fight!"; as the exit polls showed, most of those middle-left voters want to see political action to develop "change we can believe in": Barack's sitting in the center, landing nowhere, ignoring his base, etc, just does not cut it.
His reconstituting his White House campaign committee to prepare for the elections is a start, and renewing his focus on the all-important issue of the economy becomes decisive; two great articles in today's New York Times give (a) the present needs, and (b) the way to move forward - Go Barack Go! - let the tea parties take over the Republican opposition, and the center left take over the Democrats, and we can have a real election of choice...
12 January, 2010: Some pics and journal from our European trip
6 January, 2010: We got back!
- despite snow everywhere (40 cm in Sweden, and 40 cm here in South Bend, sprinkles elsewhere), and despite those airport lines (wish we could get on a plane without going to an airport!): pics coming soon, plus Mary's racy journal of the racing about... Here are two of Daniel's masterpieces from Slindon (Phil and JC's house front and back, the old rectory, with Catholic church next door)[click to enlarge]: