Chronological Family Events in 2011

19 December 2011:Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! (from Singapore!)
Here is our Christmas message and here is our page of pics...Best wishes to all
29 November 2011:Thanks for Thanksgiving!
 We half-filled the house at Thanksgiving! - with two sons, two daughters-in-law and two-times-two grand-daughters...
Earlier in November, Peter and Christopher gave the front (dining) room and hall a much-needed makeover (now tin ceilings , no hall "window-to-nowhere", and painted walls)
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9 November 2011: Mary Hynes wins again! Congratulations to Mary on her re-election to the Arlington County Board!! Check here for the numbers (the last entries in the table); and of course we are all cheering those sensible people in Ohio and Mississippi who voted for freedom from republican chains..
4 November 2011  Check out Mary's new website - about ALL her books - including "BiblioPoetry Therapy" (new edition); and "Don't Leave the Story..."
You can buy "Don't Leave..." direct from Teachers College Press.
26 October 2011: Why should we ever expect Congress to support the 99%! The present Congress is dominated by the 1% - with "245 millionaires, including 66 in the Senate." Money talks louder now than ever before: "banks borrow at zero, and lend credit card money at 20 to 25 percent"; more details here.
3 October 2011:
 Don't Leave this Lady in the Lurch!
Buy her latest book, now on sale at
"Don't Leave the Story in the Book:
Using Literacies to Guide Inquiry in Early Childhood Education"

Clik on the ladies to read the Introduction...
16 September 2011: Part 1: We all had a great time at the cuzens-dozens in August -thanks to the organizing Ackerman families - I have uploaded pictures and a video which you can see (among others) at the cuzens facebook web-site "Cuzins by the Dozens". I may add more here.
Part 2: I just updated the family data sheet - please check to see if YOU are correctly labeled etc... please let me know of any needed updates - thanks - Gordon
6 July 2011: "The Wisit of the Wuzzacs" Ava and Tyra visit Chicago...
Tyra's own Memorial Day account..." 'My GoGo and Acll stade at my house. I went swimyn at Lakside and I went to Mermade Iland and jumd off of it and into the wadr and got a slushy it was mesy but I ate it enyway at lunch. at luchtime I went to my Hawmys and Popus House. They had Pinaple and mynt and graps and eggrols and wadrmillin and spinij and my grama came too for luch. I got hrt alot of Booboos." [and Mia's translation]
31 May 2011: "Across the muddy rivers" - A picture-story of a quick trip by Gordon to Louisville, Memorial Day weekend
   11 March, 2011
  Check out the incredible and amazing stories of Eric's rescue from drowning at sea...
Eric returned to thank the US Coastguard for their heroism
- here are two files describing the event and the ceremony - report-1, and report-2
and click here for the video
2 March, 2011:
 Mary's story: The stone speaks here or on the pic of Loch Conn to listen(mp3)

Or click here for written version (pdf)

26 January, 2011:

 Who is this violinist?
- an oil painting by Raun, recently restored by Hilary Hynes -
We think it was painted in the late 1920's
If you recognize the fellow, please let us know
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17 January, 2011: From Richard Gwyn, Toronto Star: After the U.S. at last entered World War II, Winston Churchill made one of the most brilliant of his comments. He had always known, he said, that "Americans can always be counted on to do the right thing," continuing, following a fractional pause, "after they have exhausted all other possibilities". Following up....
Is it possible that Americans will realize that (a) democracy works better without handguns, (b) corporations are not people (their goals are $, $ $, not life, liberty and happiness), (c) affordable Health Care should be by all people, for all people, and not a benefit to corporate profit-making.