Chronological Family Events in 2012

Gordon returned from his round-the-world trip to Singapore, Malaysia, India and England from December 23, 2011 arriving back in Chicago to join the world-famous author [check her website:] on Good Friday (a good Friday) April 6, 2012
Updates are anticipated shortly...[The family data is now accessible with a new password]
Here are two pics I took: one from my room, and the other from the top of the hill behind Woodstock, Mussoorie, India

19 December 2012: Check out these series of selected pictures taken in Singapore, Malaysia, India, England and in the USA..
18 December 2012: This year's Christmas card...
Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year!!
Click here (or pics) for our Christmas card
8 December 2012: Bill Hoffman (Perrizo cousin) came across this wonderful short movie of catfish preying on pigeons! Mary and I used catfish as the exploratory object in our joint talk last summer in Minneapolis "Teaching Teachers about Guided Inquiry: Reading an Object ; Drawing Like a Scientist." Too bad we didn't know they like eating pigeons! - perhaps just a French delicacy for them...
18 November 2012: It's been written that the poor will sometimes rebel when being governed poorly. The rich, like Rove, on the other hand, rebel against being governed at all( anonymous). [Ed: we should include Romney and the other Bushites].
Yesterday, Jimmy Cohler, longtime friend of Sebastien, married Rachel Webb - the reception was held at Thornhill house in the Morton Arboretum in Chicago's west-side suburbs; Ava and I escaped for a while and found a grouping of 12 foot high rushes - so in rushed are some of the pictures...(a great hiding place!)
In a tree-1
and Thornhill House
In a tree-2 ready for the rushes finding a way in In the rushes Ava gone Reflections

1 November 2012: Hurricane Sandy and climate change: I like this comment: "Eskimos in Alaska, told me of their amazement at seeing changes in their Arctic village — from melting permafrost to robins (for which their Inupiat language has no word)..." from Kristoff in today's NY Times. Also check out this cute pictorial synopsis of the election positions.
30 September 2012: The Presidential election seems to be going Barack's way - but perhaps we should ask why is it still so close? His incompetent opponent shoots himself in the foot so many times, you wonder whether he has any feet left..Matt Taibbi of Rolling Stone Magazine discusses here why this election should not even be close!
23 September 2012: In 2009, Barack Obama gave the commencement speech at Notre Dame - he and President Jenkins gave remarkable speeches pointing out that although we all travel different roads, we must come together at the crossroads of mutual understanding! Since then, much theological watering and thinking have flowed under bridges...
Today I read an article that elucidates these views really well: entitled "Be Not Afraid of Mitt Romney" and beginning" "Do you believe in freedom of religion? President Obama does, and he is defending Americans' freedom of religion against...". Please read it here.
30 April 2012: I enjoyed a very nice public service message recently on the London Underground: "Every German family now has a summer vacation's called Greece".
Recently, a good friend, Joan Grimbert, became a Chevalier (knight) in the Ordre des Palmes Académiques (Order of Academic Palms). awarded by the French government.