Chronological Family News - 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
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John Berry
25 January 1934 -
6 December 2013
at home with Ciara, Judi and Andrew in 2002
20 December 2013: John Berry was the first of the 4 Berry-brothers to die. He passed away on 6 December at the Edingley nursing home near Southwell, Nottinghamshire, after a short illness (colon cancer). He will be cremated and buried next to his wife Muriel in the Southwell Cathedral Close. Mary and I went to the funeral on the 16th, and Mary read this poem of remembrance.
6 December 2013: Poverty is not an accident. Like slavery and apartheid, it is man made and can be removed by actions of human beings. Nelson Mandela (1918-2013)- RIP
4 December 2013: Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald: the history till now...
14 October 2013: The FBI violates the 4th amendment - part of our modern police state: read about the secret court case "The U.S. vs. Lavabit" You might unknowingly already be the next victim!
22 September 2013: Mary strikes again: How about this report on her recent speech as keynoter at a conference in Kokomo, Indiana:
Mary: It was so very wonderful to see you on Saturday! Your keynote was so wonderful and the responses from participants have been very very enthusiastic. I wanted to give you a summary of the feedback from each session.
From the Keynote- 42 participants. 100% agreed that their knowledge and confidence as an early childhood educator increased.
Some specific comments were:
  • We only learn what we understand; Conversation is the key
  • Give every child love everyday whether they behaved well or not- this is my new goal!
  • We are hired wired to do things that we feel emotionally rewarded for
  • Think of learning as problem solving and set stuff up so kids can solve problems
  • Math does not have to be a worksheet you can use materials to sort and that is math. I never realized math could be like that
  • We only learn what we understand;
  • Conversation is the key
  • LOVED the ABC's - see more by clicking on this pdf-file
13 August 2013: Snowden: hints on how to transfer information secretly... Free yourself from surveillance
27 May 2013: Journal of Gordon's Trip in 79 days around the world
In 10 chapters
Chapter #1 Shanghai: Getting there, first few days
Chapter #2 Shanghai: The first weekend
Chapter #3 Shanghai: Weekend with Brigid an Daniel
Chapter #4 Shanghai: The third weekend
Chapter #5 Shanghai: A weekend in Chengdu with Daniel and Anita
Chapter #6 Delhi: Around IUAC - the Inter University Accelerator Center 4-16 April
Chapter #7 Delhi: Sights and Sites of Delhi 13-14 April A bit of a history class...
Chapter #8 Woodstock: 8 days in the Himalaya foothills: 16 - 24 April
Chapter #9 Delhi: the last days: 25 April - 10 May: hotter and hotter...
Chapter #10 England and Paris 10-19 May Berry and Hynes family visits, with Mary
28 April 2013: The poor of Delhi: in "illegal districts"
17 February 2013: Want to learn about the inside workings of the Vatican? Try the newly published (21 Feb 2013 - available on by John Thavis - "The Vatican Diaries: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Power, Personalities and Politics at the Heart of the Catholic Church". John, the son-in-law of Joe and Jody O'Connell (of Collegeville), is a Minnesotan and spent 20 years covering the Vatican for the Catholic News Service. Great timing for your book John! Buy it here...
16 January 2013: What's New Robert L. Park's 16 Jan 2013 newsletter compared the cost and the usefulness of the Higgs Boson discovery and the Afghan war... the former cost $800 billion and 2000 lives less, and verified our understanding of the beginning of the universe - the latter was less useful!
5 January 2013: This year's Christmas 2012 and New Year 2013 family story and a few pics...
Merry Christmas!! and Happy New Year!!
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4 January 2013: Check out these series of selected pictures taken in Singapore, Malaysia, India, England and in the USA during the past year (most of them will be on Gordon's Facebook page shortly..