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Some personal Links
NISMEC The Northern Indiana Science, Mathematics and Engineering Collaborative - Our Notre Dame educational outreach organization
Mary's Web page, Books you should read...
Nico's Web page, Designs of the past, present and future!
Midnight Forum, Dino/Daniel's Washington D.C. inspirations
The Perrizo connection, Bill Hoffman's site of the French Canadian Parizeau connections
Christopher Hynes Web page, The modern artist (paintings for sale...!)
Mary's poem for Izzy
Physics at Notre Dame , Try it! ---- Or, see Gordon's Physics page
Do you remember the names of all the rare earth elements? This mnemonic will help you!
Here are a few interesting physics pics.., you might like them!
Contact your Congressman or Senator Keep those politicians honest!?
Four examples of family maps:
(a) Louisville, Chickenley, (b) Seacote, Fairhaven, (c) Slindon, West Sussex, (d) Lime St., Ossett (e)
Conker competitions , in France and England
Roland Kulla , a Chicago artist and friend
Dave Cofell, an artist and musician from Collegeville
Stephen Hawking's website}
Try these 2 movies (wait for the action...) movie 1 (Mary's SPAM-wrap) and movie 2 (Y'Ackerman corn gun)
Christopher's renovation of our Chicago kitchen floor
119 Laporte house

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