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Some early photos and other miscellanei...

The 4 Harper-front-garden-boys (arrived June 1st, 2005)

Boys of the Fall Boys in the December snow

The underlying graphic used to be

Mary's fabricial (or fabrical) version of Grant Wood's "American Gothic"

Since not all friends and family have similar political views, aside from a couple of messages immediately below, We have moved other political links and commentaries to the section labelled "Some modern truths" . You can go there directly for new political items which tend to support ideas for the diminution of power of the present U.S. fascists. (Time Magazine Man-of-the-year 1938 was Adolph Hitler - guess who they chose for the year 2004?)
A note from Britain's Guardian newspaper: When George Bush demands "Syrian troops leave Lebanon because you cannot hold free and fair elections under foreign military occupation", it might be tempting to think he is indulging in self-parody. But experience suggests this administration is never so dangerous as when it sounds most absurd." This passage was pointed out by The Slangist -Jamie Yeager - The complete version is "No escape from the WAR". This and other recent political comments are also found below

In Chicago we have laid an egg of democracy - hopefully it will hatch very soon...

Katherine's Memorial Card
1st December, 2003.

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You may be surprised at what is under the haystacks...

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What handsome people!

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