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I continue to add my own comments and favorite items - as a kind of blog in staying up-to-date on the continuing progress to eliminate the American "Axis of Arrogance": You might also be interested in reading reports from some of these sources...
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Our older list of political comments....
Modern Truths - some political commentaries on Breaking the "AXIS of ARROGANCE" and other similar items

14 October 2013:William Boardman at Reader Supported News discusses how the FBI violates the 4th amendment as it institutionalizes the modern police state - a preliminary report on the US versus Lavabit secret trials.
1 November 2012: Nicholas Kristoff discusses the reality of climate change, summer droughts and hurricanes like Sandy - and the need to adjust to this reality.
30 September 2012: Matt Taibbi discusses why this election should not even be close!
25 September 2012: Mitt Romney's top ten solutions to our problems...(today's version)
3 November 2011: Another message for the 1% - "Greece, the home of democratic thought, chose democracy. And the leaders of the "free" world rebuked them. Amazing. When are we going to wake up to the fact that the IMF and banks should not control the world? We followed the IMF bailout/payoff/austerity model and screwed the pooch--finance execs bought new Porsches and vacationed offshore on our dime, also. So Greece had the guts to ask the people. Wow, what an amazing and courageous step to take." (comment in the NY Times, today)
26 October 2011: Why should we ever expect Congress to support the 99%! The present Congress is dominated by the 1% - with "245 millionaires, including 66 in the Senate." Money talks louder now than ever before: "banks borrow at zero, and lend credit card money at 20 to 25 percent"; more details here.

2 February, 2010:
 30 January, 2010
Do you think Barack Obama's policies are NOT working?
Check out the table at the right--->>
Note how the direction of the BUSH GDP was down, down, further into the red,
while the Obama GDP is up, up, further into the blue
Now THAT is a dramatic turnaround, whatever color your vote might be!
Let the party of NO, just Know the truth.

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