March Visit to the Nico Berry Family in San Francisco

Here is a short video of housebuilders on the beach (a 55MB mp4 file)
Click (once or more) on any of the pics below for bigger versions..

Garage studio: hummingbird
Saskia helping to make sushi
Saskias new dress
Simone's San Francisco school
Stanford students
Kayaking together-1
Kayaking together-2
Birds watching kayakers
Ready for a fish lunch
Saskia and friend
Mary & Simone are really hungry
Even the birds like the food
Monterey acquarium learning
2 sharks and a grouper
Saskia at fishtank
Under the waterfall
Camouflaged fish - can you see it?
Montery bay
Monterey people - sculpted & alive
Dying crab
Above the beach peple
The waves at the beach
Beach-house builders
Someone's insdie...

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