Winter scenes in Chicago and South Bend

We had snow on the ground - lots of it with repeated snowstorms - from the beginning of January till March 21st, the first day of Spring; and it was cold too - for most of the time, the temperature was below zero (deg F) at night, and never got above freezing during the day. Each fall of snow meant digging out a place for the car (in South Bend), and clearing a way to the garage (in Chicago). Yinna and her sister Ashley had never seen snow before, and they kept the front and back Chicago paths free (thank you says Mary). In South Bend, the snowplows seemed to delight in filling in any cleared driveway with a load of new snow debris... I suppose this is considered all a normal winter for those Minnesota veterans, but we are glad that spring is finally sneaking back - come on global warming - do your stuff!
Here is a short video of our Chinese snow cleaners (a 49MB mp4 file)
Click (once or more) on any of the pics below for bigger versions..

Garage drift
Back alley exit mess
Our in-house chinese help!
Chinese Gothic in Harper kitchen
A buried bear
Kitchen sink view
Sweet chestnuts from Slindon UK think it's Spring
Frozen crystal stars on our window
Our boys protect us in the snow
Cold boy on the porch
Blowing snow near New Carlisle
In from the cold and snow
Car gets home off the street
Car gets home off the street-3rd floor view
More snow in South Bend
Our front path-27jan
Front porch view
Bedroom re-aligned
Snow cloud image
Snow plow debris-again
Snow plow debris-yet again
Snow-trees in front garden
W.Washington view west
W.Washington view east
Our back corner community
Another fall of snow...
Squirrel tracks
Dirty ice pile is disappearing (finally!)
23 March - new snow for our garden bear

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