The week of July 4th, 2008
Sebastien, Mia, Ava and Tyra visit South Bend and Chicago
We used Sebastien's expertise (digging) to help on putting in a pond and short stream in the new "outback" at 917 West Washington; Ava and Tyra "helped" and got started on a graffiti piece which needs to be completed by Nico "the True54 guy".
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{Which one seems out-of-place??}
Huddersfield town shirt Hard workers Mary's turn in the hole New roof for next door Ava can hammer anything The pond is full of water The short rocky stream Ava tests the water The pond situation
Here is where we need a Ncio piece Seb, Ava & Tyra at the History museum 2 pioneers in the Conestooga wagon Tyra walks her doll Ready for children to jump, run, push off.. Jimmy Cohler in the Harper kitchen The horse rests before returning to the staircase July 4 parade - the Hyde Park Alderman Those Brooklyn girls again!...
Working is playing (or playing is working)!...