A week in Brooklyn for Christmas 2007,
and a week in England - New Year 2008
The first set of pictures are from our week of Christmas in Brooklyn with Geb, Mireille, Savannah, and Allison and her 2 boys.
We flew on to London on the 27th to see our English brothers - John in Ossett, Yorkshire, and then New Year with Philip and John Clark in Slindon on the Sussex coast.
While with John, we visited Huddersfield and David Griffiths who showed us the memorials of our ancestors - 2 Godfrey Berrys who were instrumental in the development of Huddersfield from a sleepy eighteenth century village into a bustling nineteenth century city of the Industrial revolution. (Think of them as capitalist crooks, or as entrepreneurs!!)
For the first set of pictures, just "mouse-over" the pic, and you will find up to 15 others below. You should be able to recognize most of the cast of characters enjoying opening their Christmas presents...
The second set of our Huddersfield visit is found similarly; Hawksby Court looks very like the old entrance to Berry's yard, which was demolished to make room for the shops behind Mary's shoulder in downtown Huddersfield; The angled building is where Berry's brewery used to stand; Gordon's grandfather was born in a house just behind it. A statue of Hudderfield-born Harold Wilson adorns the front of the station; on top of the building behind him is a plastic lion, a modern replacement of an old worn-out stone lion. The tombstone to John Berry (died in 1827, after falling from his horse into the canal) is on the pathway of the Huddersfield Cathedral, as are those of his family, his father Godfrey, and his brother Godfrey (our 2-greats-grandfather). We thought you would like the picture of Nico's "plate-smashing club"; the picture of John includes the site of the original well that Godfrey tried to develop as the town's water supply - we just remember it as being the place of the public toilets.
The third set in London and Slindon is found by mousing over the little preview pictures. You can read the appended descriptions...

Huddersfield memorials

Carmela and Paul's place, London
and Sussex scenes
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St. Paul's uplifted! The new Paternoster Court Mary Paul bus-waiting Mary stonehunter, Colorado cut Skateboarders on the Thames embankment Nelson, Mary and Big Ben St. Richard's Giant fircones Dragon & Hat
Mary and John Mary and John The Garden Roller GA-GA in Chichester Slindon pond reflects Mary at St. Richard's The Guard Cats Chichester lunch
London and Sussex at the New Year