Summer 2010 part 2 - Part of our Washington D.C. driveaway...

Click (once or more) on any of the pics below for bigger versions..
It's a basket, it's a house! The Longaberger basket building outside Newark, Ohio
Two pioneer ladies at Roscoe Village, Coshocton, Ohio
The curtsey of the cutesies
The cow ladies
The big frying pan ladies
Old man in hat
The woodworkers at Roscoe village
Into the Roscoe triple lock they go..
Mireille and Savannah relaxing at Lake Tappan, Ohio
Wells "beach" on the Ohio River
A sturdy picnic table with Savannah, Mireille and Gaga
Gogo and the girls, at Wells on the Ohio
Top of the Moundsville Indian mound
The Indian mound at Moundsville, West Virginia
Moundsville museum - glass marble mosaic
End of the Fostoria glass factory at Moundsville
The lion has company - Taj Mahal, West Virginia
Balancing on the grounds of the Taj Mahal
Trio at the Taj Mahal entrance
Savannah and the blue Buddha
The Dinner-in-Arlington gang
Savannah, Mireile and their cousin Hynes Tran
At the Swanstons: Jennifer, Gannon, Matt, Gage, Cathy, Hilary & Mary
Mary and group enter Falling Water
Falling Water from downstream

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